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Scanning your computer with CPUZ

How do you know what type of memory your computer uses? There are software tools you can use to scan your computer to identify components such as RAM. One of these tools we recommend is CPU-Z.

A CPU-Z report will allow the Upgradeable Team team to accurately match the compatible memory for your specific Computer. Note: The CPU-Z software is only compatible with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

To generate a CPU-Z report, please follow the steps below on the computer you wish to upgrade.

  • Click Here to download the CPU-Z application package.
  • We recommend the exe file, once the file download has been completed, extract or run the file.
  • Once the CPU-Z application has launched (may take a few moments), there will be 7 Tabs located on the top of the window, select the "About" tab.
  • On the Tools section of the About tab, select the "Save Report (.txt)" button. See example below.
  • Save the report file to a known location (e.g. My Documents)
  • Exit the CPU-Z program by clicking the X button on the top right of the window.
  • Attach the saved report file in an email to the team by using our Contact Us form