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Troubleshooting a RAM upgrade (detailed)
Installing memory should not be hard, it should be plug and play. If you are hav... more
My new memory module will not fit into the memory socket.
Assuming you have found the memory socket (check your PC's manual), then the mem... more
Are the memory upgrades from Upgradeable compatible with my existing RAM?
Yes. Most memory modules are compatible to operate together, there is no need to... more
What are the advantages of Multi-Channel Mode?
Most modern computer systems feature Multi-Channel Mode (commonly known as Dual-... more
Do the memory upgrades need to be installed in pairs?
A majority of consumer desktop, notebook and netbook computers do not require RA... more
(Windows) does not read the correct amount of RAM installed.
There are two reasons: Limitation or Compatibility Limitation 32bit Windows ca... more
How do I check the total RAM installed in my PC?
The total amount of memory currently installed in your PC will usually be locate... more
Scanning your computer with CPUZ
How do you know what type of memory your computer uses? There are software tools... more